Ellie is a passionate photographer who has performed several projects in Europe and Canada. What makes her photos come alive, is to listen to the stories and tell them in turn. She has a unique talent to capture the essence of the moment and translate the emotion into her photographs. She displays her passion by capturing beautiful wedding shots with a feminine touch that reflects the surrounding experience in the moment. She combines her own creativity with the visions and ideas of her clients to capture the perfect moment.

Ellie Photography Website

Gabriel (MJ)

Gabriel is our passionate filmmaker and technical support of the company. He is a videographer who realized his dream by working behind the lens of the camera. The range of lenses and cameras have no secrets for him, and his constant search for the most original shots allow him to create striking images.
Creative and detail oriented, you will find him behind the camera but also behind the computer to perform the post-production video and sound.

Allen's Photo-Video Kit